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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday To Robin Hill's Classical Guitar Blog

Today is 'Life of a Musician's' first birthday!
I can't quite believe that we have been going for a year - but it's true.
We have come a long way in that time, and I have learnt a lot in the process, and had a great deal of fun.
There's such a lot coming up and I hope to have more sound clips and video footage over the next few months.
Plus the launch of a new web site where downloads and sheet music will be available. More of that over the next few weeks.
In the last year I have only missed one day, and that was due to technical problems with our BT line, and we now have regular readers in over 45 countries!

So, to mark the occasion, I have decided to give myself the rest of the day off.
As for the cake, well, I had some helpers who very quickly demolished that!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday indeed. And thanks to you, Anna, for your diligence and commitment to the blog over the past year. I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.

Anna said...

Many thanks for your comments and taking the time to leave a message.
I'd also like to thank all those who sent private emails of encouragement and, of course, our regular readers!

Guitar Widow said...

Happy Birthday!

Anna said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings from America and keep up the good work on guitar widow!