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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Karl Maddison 1971-2007

I want to thank 'Paul' for his comment yesterday and 'taking up the baton' as it were, with the backward Bach.
He pointed me in the direction of Hoffnung and it is well worth a visit to the site.
What an interesting man he was.
An artist, cartoonist, caricaturist, broadcaster and not to mention musician.
He actually played the bass tuba and was a member of the Morley College Orchestra.
It was from this position, at the back of the orchestra, that he took full advantage of observing his fellow players, with hundreds of musical cartoons following.

Such was his ability to motivate, that he persuaded many of the days foremost composers, such as Malcolm Arnold, Francis Chagrin, Joseph Harowitz, Aaron Copeland and Sir William Walton amongst others, to compose witty pieces for a concert at the Royal Festival Hall in 1956.

His work continues to amuse people around the world today.
For someone who died at the age of 34 he certainly accomplished much.
It's quite ironic that I should discover this today as Robin has been to the funeral of a friend and colleague who has also died at a tragically young age.

Karl Maddison was such a nice man and a talented musician, who worked as a sound engineer with Robin on many occasions, and in more recent times, they collaborated on various projects together in Karl's own studio, Mad Dog Music Studios.
We have known Karl since he was 17 and watched him develop into a fine man and excellent musician.
His tragic death has affected us both deeply.

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