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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cyclic Changes

I'm so pleased Robin didn't delete the fugue section of the piece I was discussing yesterday.
We listened again and both felt it did work.
It just shows that sometimes you have to take a step back and let the subconscious work on things for a while before revisiting.
Some changes have taken place and the whole piece is coming together very nicely.
It's just a case of how much can be done before Robin goes away.
I'm sure he'll be very tempted to continue composing, whilst on his next trip, and in some ways it would be easier.
No noisy children, dogs to walk, students to see, etc...
But the fear of an eager audience may outway the urge to compose.
It will be interesting to see when he comes home again.

Meanwhile here the sun has been shining.
This is such a rare occasion this summer that we have all tried to make the most of it.
Robin has recently rediscovered the joys of cycling and has spent many happy hours with son number one covering some rather large distances.
Family commitments are yet another distraction for the active musician, but it is essential to get a balance, especially as the school holidays enter the final stages.
Not to mention the fact that he will be leaving me with them for the last week....
Blogs may be a little brief then!

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