'As always, it was sheer pleasure to observe Robin Hill's remarkable fluent technique: everything looks easy when he plays it.' Colin Cooper- Classical Guitar Magazine ----- 'Wonderful for their (Hill & Wiltschinsky) precision, touch and clarity of sound... refined virtuosity, the achievement of a long interpretive process.' Il Giornale D'Italia (Rome) ----- 'I loved your CD and thought your technique and performance were fabulous...' Rick Wakeman

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Arrival of the QM2

Robin has now arrived in Southampton and joined the QM2.
After an early start he had a good flight to Gatwick, in that it was short, and then a two hour taxi ride...
But he's now on board and reacquainting himself with the layout.
Unless you have been on one of these ships I think it's difficult to appreciate the size of them.
His first guitar concert isn't until Monday so he has a little time to settle in.

I, however, have had to entertain two small boys.
Both of which were taking full advantage of the phrase, "Oh but Daddys gone away..."
Consequently they have been out on their bikes, not an easy task as I also had two dogs with me, plus we've made cakes.
That and a very early start should mean I get them off to bed pretty early.
No guarantees though.

Robin has made his last 'phone call until he reaches New York, so, we will be relying on emails from now on.
I shall of course update you as we go along.
He did tell me that he has already run through the first concert in his room.
So he's definitely getting down to some serious practise.

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