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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sleep Deprivation and The Simpsons...

Robin fulfilled his parental duties last night by taking son number one, and his friend, to see 'The Simpsons Movie'.
Now, we have an unusual way of rating films, here in Hillhouse.
A little background before I explain.

Robin is a highly energetic person and always has a huge amount to fit into each day.
Sitting down and relaxing is way down on the list and something that only usually occurs around 10.30 pm.
But he's also a good father and periodically takes son number one to the cinema.

Our rating system is this.
1/10 is a score achieved by a film that Robin has managed to miss in its entirety as he fell asleep with the opening credits and was woken by said son during the closing credits. (Bare in mind these films are aimed at children...)

The score goes up in direct proportion to the reduction in sleep that Robin has, so, a film that rates 10/10 means that Robin has remained awake for the whole show.

The Simpsons Movie scored a massive 10/10, (never achieved before) and not only did Robin remain awake, but he enjoyed it immensely.
For a film to appeal to such an age range is not an easy task.
All credit to The Simpsons team, not only for making two boys and Robin very happy, but also for providing us with regurgitated one liners all day long.
Oh, and it's well worth visiting their site, which is interactive and good fun.
Here's the link, 'The Simpsons Movie', check it out and enjoy.

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