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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nails, Nails, Nails....

Finally news of the first guitar concert on the QM2.
The venue was full which is around 1000 people.
The lights dimmed.
Robin entered and started with some Lute Pieces.
At the end of the final one, both his index, and middle finger nails broke.
This is the worst case scenario for any guitarist.
It is impossible to continue playing without attending to the problem.
This, Robin had to do, on stage, whilst explaining to a very understanding audience what had happened.
It must have felt very lonely up there...
He managed to complete the rest of the concert without further mishap, but, with only a temporary, 'quick fix' repair, he felt unable to fully trust the nails.
Consequently it was rather a trial for Robin.

I'm sure it was more of a problem for him than it was the audience.
As I've said before, audiences seem to like it when something unusual happens. Especially if the artist tells them what he is doing to try and resolve the problem.
Never the less, I think it is an experience Robin doesn't wish to repeat.
The worry now is that the next concert is on Wednesday, so, I imagine today has been taken up with some pretty major rebuilding job going on.
It's rather a relief I wasn't there for this one....

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