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Friday, February 16, 2007

Rodriguez Repairs and Paul Fischer

Robin is feeling rather glum today. He has two concert guitars, both Miguel Rodriguez. As you may have gathered from reading this site Robin does an awful lot of playing. Every care is taken with both the guitars to prevent damage but you can't stop general wear and tear. From time to time any instrument used at this level will require a little TLC.
His first guitar has reached that point. The frets have literally worn down and need replacing plus a few minor repairs.
This, however, is a trauma for Robin. To be without one of his guitars is very difficult. They are his best friends and go everywhere with us. That makes for 'interesting' family excursions...
The man entrusted with the job is the renowned luthier Paul Fischer, who trained under the late David Rubio, and set up his own studio in 1975. He has had a good look at the guitar and is very impressed by the high quality cedar wood and has now taken on the delicate task of repair.
For Robin, this has meant a six hour round trip, the return journey in an empty car. I think he may need some TLC himself this evening.

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