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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Robin Hill plays Villa-Lobos

Heitor Villa-Lobos's guitar works are probably the most studied guitar compositions of the twentieth century. Despite the cello being his main instrument, he was very attached to the guitar and told Turibio Santos in 1958 that he 'loved the cello but the guitar was in his heart'. In fact the 'sound' of the cello can be heard in many of his guitar compositions.
As a youth he enjoyed the company of popular musicians and practiced improvised guitar accompaniments to the choro, music in favour in Rio de Janeiro at that time, perfecting his talent to the detriment of his medical studies.
It was in 1924 that he met Segovia in Paris and the two became friends. Segovia encouraged Villa-Lobos to compose more for the guitar and from this came some fantastic music which helped to establish Villa-Lobos as one of Brazil's most respected composers.
Robin is re-visiting some of these pieces after a 20 year gap and thoroughly enjoying himself.
He's playing 'Choros No 1' composed in 1920, and the 'Cinq Preludes' from 1940. There was reportedly a sixth Prelude which has never been found.
So I'm in my element listening to these fabulous pieces as I go about the house.
The down side was that son number two was violently sick all over the kitchen floor -and it's not a small kitchen...maybe Villa-Lobos wasn't to his taste...
Still, at least I could listen to this beautiful music as I mopped fevered brows and kitchen floor.
Well you did ask about the life of a musician.

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