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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Not So Glamorous Side For The International Musician

As you will be aware Robin is off on his travels again soon. Anyone going abroad has to keep up with their immunisations and that includes Robin. Unfortunately for him, he required a few booster doses, and had those last week.
Today was the turn of Yellow Fever. The injection and not the disease...
I can't believe it is 10 years since we both had that one. It was for a Hill/Wiltschinsky tour in a number of countries, including Venezuela, hence the need for the jab.
It was worth it though, I had a great time taking in the sites of Caracas whilst Robin and Peter rehearsed in their rooms!
So off he went to the travel centre and was issued with a long list of horrendous side effects, which doesn't exactly put you at your ease, before the vaccine was given.
Still, at least it's done for another 10 years, and we have the certificate to prove it.

Update on microphones:
Robin has decided the ones we were testing yesterday are not quite right, so they are being returned. He explained the problem to a very helpful chap and they are now sending three more to see what we think of those.
It's very tempting to just get on with recording, but his guitar has such a beautiful sound it's criminal not to do it justice.

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