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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mistaken Identity - Pascal Roge

I've just read Jeremy Denk: Think Denk and was amused to read that a lookalike is required for the late pianist Sviatoslav Richter. Read his entertaining blog for the full story.
It did remind me of a case of mistaken identity though.
Robin was in a room backstage at The Barbican, London, preparing for a performance that afternoon. Whilst taking a break from his warm up exercises he sat at the piano and played a few notes. He does play piano, but it is generally reserved for personal amusement, composing occasionally, and late night parties here at Hillhouse, certainly not for the paying public.
There was a knock at the door and a member of staff entered.
"We're ready for your rehearsal Maestro Roge."
He knew that Pascal Roge was performing a concerto later that evening, and realised that the unwitting staff member hadn't realised her mistake.
For a second I think Robin was tempted to follow her up to the stage, take his place at the piano, and enjoy the occasion.
But he didn't.
To sit in front of an entire orchestra waiting for you to start performing, not having a clue what you are meant to be playing, is the stuff that musicians nightmares are made of.
What I find amusing is that Pascal Roge must have been in a dressing room that had 'Robin Hill' on the door.

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