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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Joyce Hatto and Other Musicians

I read a few interesting points made by A.C.Douglas over on Sounds and Fury about the pianists whose recordings were used on the Hatto CDs and their apparent inability to recognise their own work.

There may be other factors in play.
A lot of musicians don't actually like listening to their own recordings after the last take has been made. In an interview, Paco de Lucia once said, that he 'never listens to his music after recording it as he would always hear things he would like to change'.
If that is the case for the pianists, then they may well not have identified the Hatto 'version' as their own, as they certainly wouldn't have been expecting to hear themselves.
To highlight the point, Robin was once staying at his parents' house, enjoying a relaxing bath whilst they had the radio on in another room.
In the distance he heard 'Canarios' by Gasper Sanz and thought, 'That sounds great'.
Next came J.S.Bach's 'Gavotte' from the 4th Lute Suite followed by 'Bach Prelude in D Minor'. All of which he enjoyed and decided he really must work on those pieces if he was to attain the standard of performance of whoever had made this particular recording.
It was then announced that they had all been performed by Robin Hill! Robin nearly swallowed the loofah at this point...
He had previously recorded an album for the BBC library which was regularly played on Radio 3 and 4. At the time he didn't have a copy, so hadn't heard it since it had been recorded some years earlier.
He was, of course, delighted, but it does show that a musician may not always identify their own performance - until told...

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