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Monday, February 19, 2007

Mozart's Dog Revisited

Meet Coco (Bimps)

Having met Ramsbottom the cat the other day I thought it was time I introduced you to one of our two Labradors. So here she is, Bimps.
As I've said before, she is actually called Coco, but we always call her Bimps.
This is because Mozart had an English Terrier called 'Miss Bimperl', shortened to 'Bimps', which when translated means 'Spot'.
Mozart must have had a sense of humour to call his dog, 'Spot the dog'.
As you will see our Bimps doesn't have a spot in sight as she is chocolate all over, but she is probably the most eccentric dog you will come across, or some might say 'dotty', hence the name 'Bimps'.
She's an essential member of Hillhouse as loves long, rambling walks, particularly if very muddy puddles are involved, and therefore it provides Robin with the perfect reason to put his guitar down and take a break.
She will in fact sit and stare at him until he does.

3 comments: said...

i have heard a story that Mozart's dog, Bing, was the only one left at the end of his funeral procession. I'm writing a play and would like to include this story. Do you know where i can find out more about his dog and his love for the dog.

Anna said...

As far as I am aware Mozart's dog was called Miss Bimperl, often shortened to 'Bimps' which translates as 'Spot' the dog. I haven't heard the story about his funeral procession so wouldn't like to say if it is true or not. I did ask Robin who suspects it may be apocryphal.
However, I shall see if I can find anything else out for you.
Good luck with the play, let me know when it is finished!

Unknown said...

I think Bimperl was the Mozart family dog during Mozart's youth. and that also had a dog or dogs in adulthood, dog's name(s) unknown.