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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Accidents Happen and the Music Stand

Today I was surprised to find that someone somewhere had found their way to this site from searching 'musicians stage accidents'. I was intrigued, (and would love to know what they were studying!) so did my own Google.
I was delighted to find that 'Life of a musician - Accidents Happen: Part 1' was the fourth item. Strangely it didn't mention part 2, but that's computers for you.
There it was, amongst various tales of tragic accidents, the 'Dead Musicians Directory' and adverts for life insurance!

Meanwhile Robin was out and about in a small, very nice town, not that far from where we live.
From a hundred paces he spotted a music stand in the window of a shop and made straight for it. He's been looking for another stand for some time to use when practicing at home. (On stage he always plays from memory.)
He was delighted with his find as the stand is able to go quite low down which is an advantage for guitarists.
He went in to make his purchase and felt he had been transported back in time.
A lady, who didn't appear to actually work there, was walking around cleaning everything with a feather duster, including his freshly purchased stand, as he waited to pay.
I was pleased as it's the last time it will see a duster for many months...

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