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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hill and Son on Crystal Serenity

Excuse my absence for a few days but it has been a busy time.
Robin has spent the grand total of three days at home before embarking on a lengthy 4week trip away.

This will be something of an ordeal for all involved.
We have occasionally coped with three weeks but never four.

However, Robin has company for part of the month.
Our eldest son has joined him.
He has seen his Dad in concert many times before, but never on foreign trips, so there has been great excitement here.

Son number one won't be there for the whole time, but his presence will certainly help Robin cope with being away from home for so long.
What started out as a simple 2 week trip, escalated into a complicated sequence of events, which will become clear over the next few weeks, so watch this space...

But for now, they have arrived in Venice, are settling into their room on Crystal Serenity, a territory that Robin is very familiar with, and is looking forward to showing his young companion.

I meanwhile am recovering from a hectic few days.
So I am feeling a little jaded, and yes, I am expecting a great deal of support and sympathy from the blogging community.
Thank you in anticipation.
I didn't have to wait long - I've already had a message via Twitter and I haven't even posted yet!

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