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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A 'Lollipop' in Cannes

Robin has spent a hot and humid day in Cannes.
I must confess my sympathy was 'reserved' to say the least, as I contended with two children, housebound by rain, and not so quietly going mad.

However, Cannes always brings back a flood of memories for Robin.
Our day started with 'over the 'phone' reminiscing, all with musical connections, some I have mentioned before, and often connected with Madeline Bell.

At one point Robin did ask me if son number one knew where he was.
He did.
He had in fact woke this morning and asked the latest destination.
When I informed him that Robin was in Cannes he replied, "Oh, right, well that's nice. That's where one of my films has been shown."
For those new to the blog, this is what he was talking about.

To watch the short film either check out the links or click here.

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