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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Would you like a CD with your Coffee?...

There was a nice article yesterday in 'Slate Magazine', by Daniel Gross, in which he was looking at CD sales, and poses the question, 'If the CD is dead, why are so many companies going into the CD business?'
It has been well documented that generally CD sales are falling due to a preference for digital singles over albums, resulting in the closure of many record shop.
However, that isn't the case for all.
Gross points out that some stores are seeing an increase in sales, and suggests that what's required is a different style of marketing.
The recent signing of Paul McCartney to Starbucks is one example. They already have established outlets, with the facility to sell over the counter, and a large volume of customers each day. I'm sure they must have done their sums and feel it will be a financially viable option.
I have often said in past blogs that a new approach is required to encourage audiences to attend concerts, and, particularly to draw the next generation in. So a revamp of marketing approaches for performance and music sales is what is needed.
Luckily, we spent the morning in a meeting doing just that. It was a productive time and hopefully will 'streamline' the Robin Hill experience when we have it up and running.

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