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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cape Town Now Calling

Robin has now arrived in Cape Town and made the short journey from the airport to join 'Crystal Serenity'. On the way he passed the Groote Schuur Hospital where Professor Christiaan Barnard made medical history in 1967 when he carried out the first human heart transplant.
The weather so far hasn't been quite as predicted, it's currently cloudy and wet. Apparently the locals find it very difficult driving in the rain and it has a similar effect to the traffic problems the UK faces when it snows!
I'm sure it is only temporary as he said the sun was trying to come out. I was rather amused to be able to report that it is a beautiful sunny day here.
He can however console himself in his luxury suite, with balcony, currently overlooking Cape Town's most famous landmark Table Mountain. (if he could see it for the mist...)
If he takes a walk to the other side of the ship he can see Robben Island. Yes, that is the prison island that held South Africa's first democratic President, Nelson Mandela.
OK, that's the end of your geography/history lesson.
Robin is delighted to be reunited with his guitar, which coped well with the journey, and is no doubt putting it through its paces now.
He had a funny e mail waiting for him from Leeds University. The students have to fill in an evaluation form and under 'any further comments' one of them had put 'Robin Hill's Fab'......

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