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Monday, March 26, 2007

'A Walk in the Park' - Robin Hill

All the neural activity yesterday certainly paid off. Whilst Robin was out in the park with dogs and children I had a 'phone call. He said that he had come up with a new piece and within half an hour of getting home the basic score for an orchestral movement was down in print.
It never ceases to amaze me, even after 15 years of marriage, that when Robin says he has some music in his head, it isn't just the main theme, but the entire orchestral score. Sounds like it should be painful!
Let me set the scene for you.
Here was a man, on a beautiful sunny day, enjoying a walk with his dogs and children. This was a precious time for him, as he is frequently away from home, and in fact over the next six weeks will be away more than he is here.
The piece he has composed conveys the mood so clearly, and by the end of the day we were listening to the final product.
It is such a lively, happy and optimistic piece, which really does portray the image of two happy boys running around, in the way that only small boys can, accompanied by two bumbling Labradors.
Then, there is the occasional reflective moment as Robin remembers that this is just a brief time of happiness with his family before going off on his travels. That can't continue though, he has long ago learnt that you must appreciate the moment. So, we are brought back to the happy scene by a long, flowing scale on the harp.
The whole piece lasts a couple of minutes and as yet I couldn't tell you if this will become a larger work. Maybe, next week, we will get a melancholy movement as he jets back off around the world.
You, like me, will have to wait and see.

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