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Friday, March 02, 2007

Cape Town Not Quite Calling

As I write Robin is heading towards Cape Town.
He left at 7.30 this morning for a short hop to Heathrow, a total of 147 miles, he then waited 5 hours for his flight to South Africa. For those of you that like facts and figures that journey is 5996 miles and will take 11 and a half hours.
That should allow him to get quite a way into 'Hard Times'.
Still, I'm reliably informed that it is a wonderful 79F there at the moment, so I'm sure that will ease the aching joints of a travel worn musician.
Most people these days are aware of the environmental impact that flying has and we are no exception.
The problem is that when it is due to work there really is no alternative. We do all we can when at home, recycle, walk instead of using the car whenever possible, etc, but it remains an issue we are concerned about.
We have however made a contact that could well help us sleep easier in our bed(s) at night.
It's all connected to the Brazilian rainforest and I'll tell you more in the next few days.
But for now, any of the UK readers in the London area, you could well get to see Robin play later this month.
Watch this space for more details.


Yzerfontein said...

There's certainly a few international musicians either on a flight to South Africa or already here - Michael Bolton, Robin Hill spring to mind. Hope he enjoys my country and town.

Anna said...

I'm sure he will and thank you for the message.