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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Home but not Free

You would think the days Robin is at home would be relaxed and carefree. Often they are, but these are busy times, so whenever he is here, there are plenty of things to fit in.
It's particularly stressful for me as I am still struggling with visa/passport issues, all of which have to be dealt with whilst I have him here with his passport...
It will now be a nail biting time to see if it is returned in time for his next trip.

To add to the craziness of the day son number one and two have been keeping me busy.
Number two needed to make an Easter hat for an event on Saturday. This has required a two stage approach. Phase one: making and painting the basic hat. Phase two: adding flowers, ladybirds and various little artistic touches, all involving yet more paint, some of which actually made it onto the hat.
Later this evening I'm off to cubs with son number one. It's my turn to make the drinks for 45 noisy and excited small boys, and to wash up afterwards. Robin can't be involved with either of these activities as neither paint or washing up liquid are good for the guitarists nails...
So, to help out, and allow me to get on with some work, Robin is having a break from his guitar practice and has taken son number two out for some male bonding.

I was also delighted to receive an e mail from Tom Alban, the producer of BBC Radio 4 'Tales from the Stave'. He was very happy to have found that he had been 'blogged' a couple of times here in the last few days. It's always nice to get feedback, both ways, and it's good to see that the BBC have their eye on what is going on out here in the blogosphere.

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