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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

YouTube and Copyright

It has been reported on the BBC, and probably other channels, that Chad Hurley the founder of YouTube has confirmed they are looking into a 'revenue-sharing mechanism that would reward creativity.' (Lets hope that is 'creativity and not 'risk taking').
With 70 million users a month that could be a challenge.
YouTube, recently bought by Google, has a lot of sorting out to do first.
They state that this offer will only apply to those that own the full copyright for the video uploaded to the website.
That's bound to be a tricky one. In the world of music there have always been struggles and tension over who owns what.
Just because you have composed something and performed it doesn't always mean you own it.....
YouTube say they are working on the technology to identify copyrighted material which they call 'audio fingerprinting'.
Whilst it may be a challenge to police this type of system, for musicians it could be a way of clawing back some income.
What happens if someone posts a clip of one of your concerts. You are the artist but they own the camera.
I'm sure all these areas will be discussed at great length over the coming months as these systems will 'roll out' gradually.
I'll be keeping an eye on developments and uploading a few videos, to which we own full copyright, just in case we will get rewarded for out 'creativity'.

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