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Monday, January 08, 2007

Classical Music and You Tube

Once again Jessica Duchen has hit the nail on the head with her article on sites such as You Tube in 'The Independent' today.
Now, as you know, we have a video posted, and I understand completely the points that Jessica has made.
From a musicians point of view it is very difficult. The video we have posted has been professionally made, but we need to be adding them regularly to keep up with demand. It is not practical to enrol the services of a production company every time you want to post a new image.
The artist therefore has to weigh up the pros and cons of being viewed frequently against poorer quality image and sound. For any musician this is very difficult. Robin has only just come to terms with listening to music through his computer, previously he always used the recording studio, huge, Tannoy speakers. Having spent a life time training ones ear to pick up on the slightest sound, it's difficult not to be critical.
I know the amount of work that goes into trying to capture the sound of the guitar, with expensive microphones and equipment. Then the painstaking rehearsal and recording of the pieces.
So I can understand Robins reluctance to add 'home made' clips, however, we shouldn't underestimate the audience. Most serious listeners are able to tell the difference between a good player and an amateur. You just have to find your way through the maze that is You Tube.
Maybe because the public have such limited access to broadcasts of classical music these days, they will be a little forgiving.
You'll just have to keep watching here, as I feel we will be adding more footage before too long.

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