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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad Nail Day

Today has been a bad nail day. They happen sometimes.
It isn't surprising when you consider the amount of strain the nails are under.
Several hours of practice every day tends to wear them down.
They are also susceptible to 'nail damage' from every day hazards such as opening doors, carrying shopping etc.
Robin is extremely careful with his hands and always wears gloves for any potentially damaging jobs. It's very rare that you would see him doing any form of DIY, or washing up for that matter..
One of the main culprits for literally wearing away nails is playing flamenco pieces, which Robin does on a daily basis, as they are a part of his programme.
Nails do grow quicker in warmer climates, which would account for flamenco players originating from Southern Spain, but not much use to us in the UK, especially in January.
However, repairs have been carried out and Robin is off out playing this evening, so hopefully all will be well.
I've just spoken to Robin in the interval and the nails are holding up fine. That's a relief.
Sometimes I think it would be easier to be a pianist, but then they have to cope with playing on whatever piano the venue has...

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