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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How To Cope With Telesales

On Friday Robin has a lunchtime concert at Leeds University, so today his practice has taken a different turn in preparation. We were still making minor alterations to the programme right up to mid-morning when I had to forward the final copy to the venue. That done, my role in proceedings is over, and it's now all up to Robin.
I feel I had the easier task.
Actually my job is not completely over. I do try and fend off unnecessary interruptions as it must be very frustrating to be in the middle of piece, lost in concentration, when the 'phone rings and some sales person comes on the line.
Whilst I generally just get rid of them Robin has his own method.
On one occasion he interrupted their patter to say, 'let me read you some poetry', an proceeded to read an entire poem to the bemused man.
The unexpected outcome was that the sales chap said he was a very kind man and it was the best call he'd made all day.
He has other techniques to deal with them which I shall tell you another time.
It does leave you feeling in a much lighter mood than if you put the 'phone down on them!

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