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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Accidents Happen: Part 1

The stage can be a dangerous place. I don't mean from an angry audience, although for some artists that may be the case.
I'm referring to accidents.
Hill/Wiltschinsky have been fairly lucky on that score although they haven't got away with it completely. But when you consider the number of years they have been performing then I suppose statistically it's pretty safe.
High on the humiliation level though. You all know how embarrassing it is to trip up in public, and how one quickly scans the area to see if anyone has seen. No such hiding place on stage when a room full of people have entirely focused their attention on you.
One of these occasions was a few years ago and the duo were playing in a venue where the stage had been made up of segments.
They were performing 'Fabulae', a piece by Mario Gangi which is in one continuous movement and lasts about 7-8 minutes, (depends how adrenalised they are!).
Some sections of this piece are very lively and others slow and reflective.
During one of the lively parts the leg of Peter Wiltschinsky's chair gradually worked its way between two of the segments of stage as the players were engrossed in the music.
As the duo entered a slow section, the chair leg finally slipped through the stage sending Peter flying across the room.
I'm pleased to report that he didn't hurt himself, but it was a rather spectacular fall and very noisy.
Robin stopped playing, partly with shock, and partly as he realised his duo partner had disappeared.
All credit to both of them. Peter picked himself up, settled back on his now carefully placed chair, and they carried on from the section that had been so rudely interrupted.

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