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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Robin Hill and Atarah Ben-Tovim

I was scanning through the Brit Blog site today and came across an old friend.
Atarah Ben-Tovim and excellent flautist and children's concert presenter.
Back in the 1980's Robin toured extensively with Atarah and her band, promoting classical music to children.
Atarah is a fantastic player, with an infectious enthusiasm for her music, and therefore an ideal person to try an encourage young people to become involved.
In fact audience participation was part of the concert so you can only imagine the noise levels.
As Atarah says on her site:
'About a third of the audience haven't been to a concert before and any child who listens to classical music, even if it's only for an hour, has their soul and mind enriched.'
Here, here.
The band which toured with Atarah were all top class musicians, however, it could be quite a challenge for them. For example, the trumpet player had to play 'Tea for Two' on a tea pot, and yes, he got it right. ( I should add that he was dressed as a bear at the time.)
Robin got off pretty lightly as he only had to play classical and electric guitar.
We have various video footage of it, but no, we won't be showing it!
Robin has very fond memories of these tours as there was a huge amount of 'behind the scenes' japes going on.
Itching powder in the bear suit, that sort of thing, playing in different keys to make it nearly impossible to get any tune out of the teapot.
It was all done in good spirits though and all involved enjoyed the experience.
To pass on what will hopefully become a life long interest to children can only be a good thing.

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