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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Music Archive of Robin Hill

Robin has been working very hard all day logging and tabulating a lifetime's collection of music. Many long lost pieces have been found and lovingly placed in the appropriate place, Collections, Methods, A-Z Composers and Christmas. As yet, the task is by no means complete, there are still many cupboards and drawers stuffed with manuscripts, but you can walk around the studio with a great deal more ease. The whole process was partially started to make the studio a more pleasant working environment for the next recording which should start fairly soon.
B - was particularly lengthy with 77 pieces, some of which were books of studies, but when you consider Barrios, Bartok, Bach and Brouwer, to name only a few then you can see why.
I was quite surprised by R - only 24 entries (so far) but boy, what pieces. Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez and Madrigal, alongside Four Rossini Overtures. That's an awful lot of notes and amazingly Robin has played them all from memory!
One re-discovered piece brought back pleasant thoughts. It was originally violin studies by a composer called Rowsby Woof. We were so taken by his name that we called our first dog, a golden retriever, Rowsby.

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