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Thursday, January 11, 2007

George Harrison, Deep Purple and Robin Hill..

It's always a bit more relaxed here on a post gig day. Consequently we started reminiscing.
Robin was recalling a meeting with George Harrison.
At the time he was staying at the house of Ian Paice, the drummer of Deep Purple, as they were rehearsing and recording.
This was quite a few years ago, and at the time Robin still played a lot of electric guitar, however he played classical even more..
One morning, in true rock star style, all band members were fast asleep in bed, despite the late hour, all that is, except Robin.
You guessed, he was up, as he liked to get a few hours of practice in on his classical guitar before recording started.
Whilst immersed in scales the door bell rang and Robin felt obliged to go and answer.
As a massive Beatles fan you can imagine how he felt to open the door and find George Harrison.
They had a brief chat and George said he'd call back later when everyone was up.
Robin, of course, maintained his composure despite one of his inspirations standing before him.
After that there were other occasions when their paths crossed but I'll save those for another day.

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