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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Volume in Venice

Finally, word from Venice.
I have actually had a couple of 'phone calls over the day, mainly enthusing about the delights of the surroundings.
Mind you, who wouldn't be pleased to have a view of the Campanile from their bedroom?

Robin did go out and about for a while, and visited all his favourite places.
Venice is after all somewhere that you can return time and time again, and never tire of.

But, it is also his last day on board Crystal Serenity. Tomorrow he will be leaving for pastures new.
Tonight though, as requested, he attended the farewell concert, and gave a 10 minute performance.

As he took his seat, the lights were particularly strong, and he couldn't see a single thing from the stage.
Not that this matters, other than it is nice to know for sure that someone is out there!
The stage was prepared for other artists later in the show, and Robin got quite a shock when he played the first notes of Asturias.

Robin's guitar is a particularly powerful one, and he's also known for his ability to project the sound of this generally quite quiet instrument.
So he was rather taken aback when he realised that the sound system was set to 'high', and Asturias was being delivered in a manner that Led Zeppelin would have been proud.

It was fine though.
A large theatre, and, as it turned out when the applause rang out, also a large audience, soaked up the excess sound beautifully.
He played two more pieces, accompanied by whoops of delight from some of the audience, and that was it.
Job done.

Now, he can relax for the rest of the evening, and tomorrow he will have a bit more time in Venice before his flight to London.
But, he won't be coming home, not just yet anyway.
You'll have to check back to find out where Robin is off to next...

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