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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monte Carlo and Madeline Bell

Robin is having a very nostalgic day.
He awoke to find himself in Monte Carlo.
He has always had very fond memories of being there back in the early 80's.

At the time he frequently played with the fabulous Madeline Bell.

A two week spot at the luxurious Monte-Carlo Sporting Club had been booked.
Madeline always looks after her musicians very well, and on this occasion, the band were given the option of either flying to Nice, or, travelling by car.

Most of the band opted to drive.
Robin chose to fly.
Consequently he arrived at Nice airport on his own.
This was an exciting time.
Two weeks in Monte Carlo, with Madeline Bell, and a fantastic band.
He got a taxi, made his way to the hotel, (which was a very nice place in the old quarter near the casino), and was promptly met by the porter.
"May I take your luggage Sir?"
"Oh, erm, I seem to have left it at the airport..."
In his haste he had completely forgotten to collect his bags! (I am pleased to say he is a little more careful these days.)

These two weeks were some of the most memorable for Robin.
Two of his closest friends were also band members, Tony Relph (drums) and Nigel Thomas, or as he was known, 'Nidge' (bass).
Sadly both of these fine musicians are no longer with us.

There was an excellent chemistry between all the band members and they enjoyed themselves both on, and off, the stage.
Many happy hours were spent in their hotel, where they had formed their own club, which Robin named, 'The Noel Coward Club', in which they basically sat around in bathrobes, drinking tea and having a million laughs.

So to be back in Monte Carlo is proving rather strange.
He still misses these two special friends very much. They had so many shared memories over so many years.
But as I pointed out to Robin, they would both have been delighted to hear that he was back in town, and all because he is still out there, playing music.

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