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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fernando Sor in the Welsh Mountains

Whilst Robin spent the day in Civitavecchia, Italy, I have been working at home.
It was as I sat at my desk that I had a 'phone call from my Mum and David as they drove through the Welsh mountains.
What prompted the call?
Well, the scenery was gorgeous, the weather beautiful, and they wanted to share with me the mood of the moment.

To enhance the experience they were listening to a Hill/Wiltschinsky CD, 'Les Deux Amis', recorded back in 1988 for Teldec Classics.
As we spoke I identified the piece as 'Fernando Sor: Les Deux Amis, op.41'. This famous work, subtitled "Fantaisie pour deux Guitares", was dedicated to Sor's friend, Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849).
The two guitar parts are actually marked "Sor" and "Aguado" rather than the usual "Guitar 1" and "Guitar 2", which offers a little insight into the personalities of these two maestros.

Rather than listen to the whole thing down a crackling 'phone line, we ended our conversation, and I found my own copy of 'Les Deux Amis', and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon listening as I worked.

It was very nice to have the sound of the guitar, or in this case two, back in the house again. But was no substitute for the real thing when you happen to live with one of the musicians...
However, it will be another six days before Robin is home, so for now I shall continue with the CD.

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