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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

And Now the Violin...

It has been a particularly busy time here.
With Robin only home for a week, and the number of remaining days disappearing rather too quickly, we have a lot to organise.
Alongside his usual preparations for travelling, and normal pre-concert level of practice, Robin is working on the new pieces he will need for the concert with Izzy Cooper in August.
It's very exciting to hear so many samples of incredible music coming from the music room, as Robin works on arrangements.

Alongside this, son number one has gone off for three days at an outdoor pursuit centre, which is always good for increasing parental anxiety...
Meanwhile, son number two has been putting on the pressure for a while now, to learn the violin.
(Incidentally, Robin started his musical career on the violin aged 7, but after a couple of years insisting on playing it like a guitar, it was decided that he should make the change, and the rest, as they say, is show biz history...)

We decided son number two must be serious about this, as he spent the best part of 1/2 term pouring over manuscript paper, and 'composing' his own pieces.
Consequently we have made the ear splitting decision to purchase a violin and see what happens.
So far, he has carried it everywhere with him, performed his 'music' to anyone that sits down for longer than 30 seconds, and taken a bow at the end.
Robin has of course timed this perfectly.
Buy violin for a five year old.
Listen carefully and enthusiastically for a few days.
Then disappear for the best part of the next month and leave me to continue with the encouragement...

Now I'm off to find a teacher.

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