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Monday, June 30, 2008

Snow Patrol and Joaquin Rodrigo

The life of a musician is anything but ordinary.
Robin has been home for a few days now, after three weeks away.
As you can imagine, there are always a great many things for him to deal with on his return.
The success of our MySpace page has already put us in contact with many interesting, and accomplished musicians, some of whom have been forwarding music for Robin to listen to.
I'm currently trying to find a slot of time to sit him down and play him the various mp3's which have arrived from hopeful composers.

But he has to make time for his family.
Three weeks away from home is a particularly long time for young children.
In Robin's absence I have been aided in distracting them by many end of term activities.
There seem to have been an endless stream of parties over every weekend.
So, on Sunday, I casually pointed out to Robin that he may like to take our youngest son to a 'snow party' later that day.
He willingly agreed, it would be an ideal opportunity to spend some time with the little chap.
As I left the music room I then added, "Oh, yes, you'll be taking the twins too, OK," and beat a hasty retreat.

I must say I was a little anxious about this expedition.
Robin doesn't really 'do' snow. It's cold and his hands don't like cold.
However, he'd agreed, and I needed a break.
All credit to him, he had a great time, his three charges all had a great time, and I enjoyed a couple of hours of child free calm.

But the exciting thing about living with a musician is that everything can change with just one 'phone call.
I returned from yet another party to hear Robin practising Rodrigo's 'Concierto de Aranjuez'. This is a fabulous piece, and one I am very familiar with.
However I wasn't expecting Robin to be playing it.
I shall have to get used to it though, as he has been asked to play the concierto next year.
The last time he performed it was with the Liverpool Philharmonic and rehearsal at home was so intense that our son used to sing the theme to himself to get to sleep at night!
So, if there are any orcheatras out there that want to put on the 'Concierto de Aranjuez' sometime after March next year, now is the time to get in touch.

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