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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tracks 9 & 10 - 'Arrival' - Lennon/McCartney & Carulli

Lennon and McCartney's song 'Eleanor Rigby', track 9 on 'Arrival', requires little introduction.
However you may be interested to know that in Woolton Parish Church's churchyard, the place where Lennon and McCartney first met, there is a tombstone bearing the name 'Eleanor Rigby'.........
This arrangement was made by Peter Wiltschinsky and has always been very popular in concert, often being played as an encore.

Track 10 is by Fernando Carulli, 'Nocturne de Salon Op.227:I.Allegro II.Largo III.Allegretto'.
Fernando Carulli, also sometimes referred to as Ferdinando Carulli, was born in Naples in 1770, and was to become one of the most popular classical guitar composers and players of his time.
Carulli initially started playing the cello, but at the age of 20 discovered the guitar, and fell in love with the instrument.
At that time there were no guitar teachers in his native Naples, so he taught himself, developing his own style of playing, which later enabled him to write an excellent tutor book.

By the age of 38 he moved to Paris, where he lived for the rest of his life, composing more than 400 works.
To learn more about Carulli you can visit here.

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