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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sun, Sea, Silk, and Second Concert Success

The QE2 was cruising the Straits of Florida yesterday, and Robin spent the day rehearsing for his second guitar concert.
The news is good, and I've had reports from various sources, that the concert was a great success.

There was a minor hiccup about 2/3 of the way through, when Robin's silk nail wrap became unstuck.
For any guitarists out there, they will realise that this is a problem, and one that has to be dealt with before play can continue.
For the non-guitarists amongst you, Robin uses silk wrap on any damaged areas of nails of his right hand.
Classical guitarists require long, and strong, nails to produce the correct sound.
When performing as frequently as Robin does it is inevitable that nail damage will occur.
The problem is how to repair that damage without losing any sound quality.
Over the years Robin has tried many things and his current method is to use a special silk wrap and glue.

Consequently, as the wrap became unstuck, he had to leave the stage for a few minutes, and do an emergency repair.
This happens occasionally, and whilst rather stressful for Robin, the audience don't seem to mind, especially as he always explains what has happened, and occasionally actually carries out the repair on stage as he introduces the next piece of music.

He went on to perform the Mozart variations, which if you recall had been requested on this particular trip.
It must have gone well, as some of the audience showed their appreciation by standing, along with some of the resident musicians.

After the concert he spoke to a few members of the audience and was delighted with their comments.
Particularly the compliments paid by two Spanish men, who are friends with the incredible guitarist, Paco de Lucia.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, I was surprised yesterday by a large increase in the number of hits to the blog.
Sometimes you can work out why, sometimes not.
The trend seems to have continued so far today which is nice.
One of the reasons could be a report by the BBC, about an appeal to identify a body found in 2006 on Islay.
I know that's rather gruesome, and you may be wondering why I have made this connection.
Well, it's because Robin composed a piece called, 'Return to Islay', featured on 'Virtuoso', and as people have been searching this story, they have come across a rather more uplifting side to the beautiful Island of Islay.

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