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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Track 4 - 'Arrival' - Mario Gangi

Track 4 on 'Arrival' was composed by the Italian Mario Gangi.

'Suite Spagnola' was composed in 1948 and is in three movements.
1. Andalusa
11. Fandango
111. Sevillana

This is a fantastic piece of music which I have heard performed by Hill/Wiltschinsky many times.
The opening, with it's precision playing by both performers, is perfectly synchronised and always impresses.
As the piece develops it's flamenco roots become ever more apparent and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep one's feet still!
In this recording Robin made slight adjustments to the original score to ensure both players had equally important roles, he also duplicated certain passages in octaves to strengthen the impact.

After hearing this recording of Hill/Wiltschinsky playing 'Suite Spagnola' Mario Gangi was inspired to compose one of his best known works for guitar duo, with Hill/Wiltschinsky as the dedicatees, the 'Suite Italiana'. You can read more about that here.

However, only the first part of the first movement of 'Suite Spagnola' can be heard, unless of course you buy it!
A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet Maestro Gangi, whilst in Bari, Italy, with the Hill/Wiltschinsky Duo.
We spent a very pleasant evening together and he took great delight in teaching me how to eat spaghetti like an Italian!
So have a listen to 'Suite Spagnola' and enjoy.

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