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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Comedy on Cunard, Coffee and Clapping, and YouTube

I have a selection of updates for you today.
First, it appears that the Captain on the QE2 has a sense of humour.
Read this post from a few days ago.
Well, it appears that a number of April Fool pranks were going on, all over the ship, for most of the morning.
The giant cat, advertised in the daily newspaper, had many guests up on deck hoping to catch a glimpse of this beast.
Whether a crew member was parading around with a stuffed cat, I'm not sure, but, there wasn't actually an Egyptian man with an enormous cat in residence.

However, some guests may have missed it.
Particularly if they don't have good sea legs.
In each room is a TV monitor, which you can have tuned to a camera, that's situated on the front of the ship.
Then you can watch the sea, from a similar perspective to the captain, and follow the ships progress.
On the first of April, the live shot was replaced with some video footage, of extremely rough sea, crashing over the QE2.

Robin said he turned the monitor on, saw the huge waves, and was somewhat surprised.
After many trips around the world, some of them in very bad weather, with waves of over 40 feet, he knows what rough sea feels like.
On this day though, the ship was steady as a rock, no cupboard doors banging, no pitching and rolling, no music falling off stands.
He went to investigate and discovered a beautifully calm sea outside.
I can't help but wonder how many guests remained in their cabins all day feeling a little nauseous....

Secondly, it seems that Robin and Izzy's performance of Rodrigo's Adagio is still being appreciated by the audience.
Izzy has now left the QE2, but Robin has a few more days, and two concerts to perform.
He decided to venture into the restaurant for some coffee, only to be met by spontaneous applause from a group of guests.
It's very nice to be appreciated.

Finally, I decided to have a quick look at my husband on YouTube, just to remind myself what he looks like, and clicked on the 'Virtuoso' link.
I haven't been there for a while and there were a couple of new comments, one of which intrigued me.
Someone claims to have met Robin in the 70's, as Robin went out with his sister for a while. He remembers him well because of the many hours of practice he did!
Some things never change.
I shall have to follow up on that one when he gets back even though it was way before my time...


Anonymous said...

That was funny.
It certainly is no joke to be on a big ship during a storm.I was on the Queen Mary(in the 60's)during a hurricane(Cleo,I think)!

Anna said...

I can't imagine what that was like...
Thanks for the comment!