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Friday, April 04, 2008

The QE2, the Giant Cat, and Plenty of Practice.

Here's an image of the QE2 in Acapulco bay:

I can only assume that guests are transferred to shore in order to visit, and that she hasn't left port leaving Robin on land, as I have since had messages from him.
What a beautiful setting though.

It's another day at sea, which for Robin is good, as there will be no distractions for him, as his first guitar concert is tonight.
He happened to mention that yesterday he practised for 3 hours, 16 minutes and 34 seconds, before lunch...(he'd timed it on his iPod stopwatch.)
Whilst I could get concerned at this obsessive time keeping, I know that it is the effect of many hours isolation on the high seas, and he'll be fine. (If you saw some of the photos he has sent with the toy monkey you really would think he'd lost his mind!)

Luckily his neighbour, a German guest, is still enjoying all this music.
He may not feel the need to actually go to the concert though, as from experience, I know that Robin will run through the entire programme, at least twice, and probably more, over the course of the day.
But I hope he does attend, as it is always very different when you see pieces performed in public, with the atmosphere of a concert, and all the introductions.

Robin did take a little time out to sit in the sun and listen to Cecilia Bartoli and some Respighi.
He also informs me that the worlds largest cat is on board.
I know there are a lot of cat lovers out there, and many are fellow bloggers, so I have asked for a photo, as soon as possible.
This should be interesting.

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