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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John Williams, Andres Segovia and a Can of ....

Recently we heard that John Williams was to play at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.
He performs there regularly and we always try to go whenever possible.
It is always a great evening, and a delight to have the opportunity to see such an incredible player, so close to home.
However on this occasion we won't be able to attend as Robin will be away from home, giving his own recital.

But this generated a conversation about the rare chances one has to see such players, and how important it is to take those chances whenever possible.

We have both been very lucky in that we were able to see Andres Segovia perform on a number of occasions.

Generally thought of as the 'Daddy of all classical guitar players', it was always a wonderful experience.
Even in his final days as a performer, when he was helped onto the stage, he still had the ability to hold an audience rapt.

On one of the occasions that Robin saw Andres Segovia, he was lucky enough to be backstage after the event.
As he walked through the warren of corridors, that always seem to accompany the area behind the scenes, he heard the guitar being played.

He walked on, very aware that he was within feet of one of his idols.
As he passed the open door of Segovia's dressing room, Robin glanced in, only to see the maestro, guitar in hand, sipping from a can of 7Up fizzy drink.
Given that Segovia was in his 80's at this point, it seemed rather incongruous.

What I would give to have captured that image on film...


Anonymous said...

It would have been even better if he been smoking crack with Amy Winehouse whilst listening to the Russell Brand show! Now that would have been a picture.

Anna said...

Especially as Amy Winehouse and Russell Brand would still have been in nappies at the time...

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Apologies, just couldn't resist the thought. Segovia is one of my Gods, too- one of the greatest musicians of all time. A pioneer etc.

Anna said...

Don't worry - the very idea made me laugh!