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Friday, October 03, 2008

Santorini and the Second Concert plus Nokia's New 'phone

The Queen Victoria is in Santorini today.
Robin has been there many times before and always enjoys it.
See 'Sun, Sea and Santorini' for one of his previous experiences.

When I last spoke to him, Robin had just completed the long walk up a very steep hill, and was enjoying a cup of coffee and a spectacular view.
He will only be on land a short time, as his second concert is tonight.
So whilst the tourists explore the island, Robin will be rehearsing.

He must be doing something right, and getting excellent reviews from these various trips, as he keeps getting re-booked.
A point highlighted by a waiter this morning over breakfast:

"You're back again? You're always back again."

It's a good job really judging by the views of the younger generation.
Apparently, they rarely, if ever, pay for the music they listen too.
Where has this 'something for nothing' attitude come from?
Free downloads and file sharing are a real concern for most musicians.

However, Nokia have come up with an idea.
They have unveiled a new music service.
You can watch a report by the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones here.
It appears that people will be paying for their music, albeit indirectly, when they purchase a 'phone with this service.

How much of that will filter back down to the artist I have yet to establish.
But it could possibly be a long term solution to the problem.
I shall be watching with interest...

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