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Sunday, October 05, 2008

All Quiet Since the Second Concert

All is disturbingly quiet from the Queen Victoria.
I do know that the second concert went very well.
Actually, they were experimenting with a new venue.
It was smaller, but very atmospheric, and the roof went back to add to the ambiance.
Initially there had been some concern about the sound.
But the sound men did an excellent job and the concert was extremely well received.

In fact, as the venue was smaller, the concert was repeated later in the evening, and many of the audience from the first performance returned to hear it again, despite it being the same programme!

Robin even enjoyed the 'open top' performing as he was fanned with a gentle cool breeze, (a scene I'm finding hard to imagine here in the UK at the moment...) instead of sweating under intense stage lights.

Since then, news has been scant.
Robin was approached and asked if he would perform an extra concert as there was trouble ahead.
A storm was brewing out at sea which was going to delay arrival in Istanbul.
Whether the concert has gone ahead I don't yet know.
Whether anybody felt well enough to go and see it, I also don't know.
Whether Robin was well enough to perform it, you guessed it, I don't know.

The lack of messages isn't a good sign.
From experience, the only time email messages dry up are when seasickness strikes.
The only way to cope with it is to lie down and wait for it to stop.
Those following me on Twitter will have read that Robin has had to wear full evening dress to go to the computer room and send a message on a number of occasions this trip. (His computer is in the local Apple store being repaired...)
If he's prepared to go to such lengths to receive news from home, then the current lack of contact doesn't bode well.

But I may be completely wrong.
Anytime now I could get a call from Istanbul and everything be fine.
Lets hope so.

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