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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have You Seen This Lute?

Whilst Robin recovers from his journey to Los Angeles it allows me time to look another issue.
We were recently contacted by some friends, with the very distressing news that they had been burgled.
Like most places, there were many belongings available to the intruders, but, the one item they stole was this beautiful Lute.

This is a fantastic instrument, a 6 course Renaissance lute after George Gerle, c.1550, made by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris.
It has ebony ribs with Holly spacers, an ebony and green horn veneered neck, ebony fingerboard with bone edgings, an ebony veneered pegbox with pernambuco pegs, and 'Haselfichte' figured spruce board.

The Lute Society have been informed, but, if anyone out there happens to come across this Lute, then could they please contact me, and I'll pass the details on.
The thieves may, or may not, be aware of what they now have in their possession.
They were certainly determined to get in, as they knocked down a kitchen wall to gain entry.
If they are aware this is a lute, they may try and sell it through known dealers. If not, well, keep your eyes open at car boot sales, antique shops, etc.
And if anyone asks, in a rather hushed tone, "Are you interested in a lute?" whilst you sip a beer at your local pub, then please take note.

Lets see if the power of the internet can reunite this instrument with its rightful owner.

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