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Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to Sir Henry Wood 1869-1944

Today would have been Sir Henry Wood's birthday.

Sir Henry Wood had a profound influence on musical life in the UK and will always be associated with Promenade concerts, now known as the BBC Proms.
His desire to make music more accessible to people in general, and the traditions he established, continue to this day.

In a modern day attempt to bring orchestral music to the younger generation, later this week I shall be visiting the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, with a school party.
This is an admirable attempt by the Philharmonic to encourage young people to attend concerts and hopefully realise that 'classical' music has much to offer them.
More on that after the event.

Prior to a day out in Liverpool, I have a lot to do.
Robin is off again on Wednesday so preparations are well underway.
This trip requires four different programmes, so Robin is working very hard to have each of them at concert level.
For me it's nice, I'm hearing all four programmes as I go about my day, which currently consists mainly of packing...

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