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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Paraguayan, Barrios, and Paganini.

Once the urge to play a piece has taken hold, there really is very little one can do.
The need to understand and interpret the piece becomes all consuming.
This has to happen though.
This is how new pieces are added to the repertoire, or, revisited after many years. Also, over time, any player will find alternative fingerings or hand positions, which will alter the feel of a piece.
All this has to be taken into account.

However, all this work doesn't go unnoticed.
Yesterday I had a comment sent about a post from back in December 2007. The post was 'Robin Hill plays Agustin Barrios', and was related to the piece of music, 'Villancico de Navidad', which you can hear an extract of, here, track 16.

The comment:

"Congratulations, very good interpretation."

We were obviously delighted by this. To receive praise for your music is always very special.
Especially so in this case, as the comment originated from a huge Barrios fan, as you can see from his own site, here.

But the piece currently being worked on, is Paganini, Caprice No.24. I must say it is sounding very good.
And believe me, I'm hearing a lot of it...
For now though, you'll just have to imagine this fantastic piece, being played on guitar.
That is until Robin has recorded it...

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