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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to the Airport and Snow.

Today will be a first.
Robin going to the airport to collect another Hill family member, instead of being dropped off, and heading away for a few weeks.
At least we had one full day without making this familiar journey...

We are all very excited. It has been a strange couple of weeks really.
Robin away, then son number one, for a whole week, the first time this has happened, and a situation that has truly stretched the umbilical cord to new lengths.

I'm sure he has had a fantastic time, and hope that he hasn't given us all a second thought.
At least we have five days, all together, before Robin goes off again.

But first we have to negotiate the journey in the snow.
We rarely get snow here.
Today we have it and more is forecast.
Still, we did go out and pelt each other with snowballs first thing this morning, you have to make the most of it don't you.

In fact the last time we had any real snow, Miss.Bimps looked like this:

She's much bigger now, but enjoyed it just as much.
Happy Easter to you all!

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