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Thursday, February 05, 2009

House Concerts with Robin Hill

Isn't it strange how trends ebb and flow over hundreds of years?
Here I am about to discuss a phenomena that has taken America by storm and is beginning to make waves here in the UK.

A house concert is literally that.
A concert in your own home.
You don't even need a particularly large space as the whole point is to create an intimate environment in which to enjoy live music.
Think miniature Carnegie or Wigmore Hall in your own living room.

Generally these are private events and all that is needed is a reasonably sized group of friends to share the experience with you.

But in the area of classical music, this is certainly nothing new.
Musicians toured, performing at peoples homes as a matter of course, through the 16th/17th/18th and 19th Centuries.
Frequently they would compose a piece of music specifically for their host or patron, sometimes to celebrate a particular event.
For example, John Dowland's, 'The Earl of Essex Galliard' and 'Mrs Vaux's Gigge'.

Whilst lutenists may have paved the way, the guitar is ideally suited to concerts in intimate environments where it can be heard at its unamplified best.

Robin is used to performing concerts in a variety of settings.
From major venues with audiences in the thousands, (I think the largest being with Pavarotti were there were 25 000, and 3 500 for a performance of Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez with the Liverpool Philharmonic, and I don't know how many when he played the James Bond theme at the Proms in the Park, London!).
Or T.V. shows beamed to 6 million viewers (admittedly he couldn't see them all but he knew they were there...), to average sized smaller venues of a couple of hundred people.

But Robin, like many musicians, actually enjoys performing in smaller settings.
To be able to see the audience, (stage lights usually mean you can't make out any details past the first few rows), and receive immediate feedback, is very rewarding.
Robin has actually frequently performed what are now called, 'House Concerts'. Often they have been associated with events, an example being a surprise birthday party for a lifelong guitar enthusiast and maker.
You can imagine how pleased he was to find Robin in his lounge, right in front of him, and to have the chance to speak to him between pieces!

So now you can take advantage of the centuries old tradition of holding your very own House Concert.
For anyone with an interest in music, the guitar in particular, the opportunity to observe a performance in such close proximity, and have the chance to talk to Robin about technique, hand positions, scales and arpeggios, the price of fish.. whatever you like really, would be highly enjoyable for both parties.

Neither does it matter where you live.
Robin performs all over the world as it is.
We would simply tie it in with his schedule, or even promote a tour simply for house concerts in your area/country.
All you have to do is contact me to discuss availability, length of concert required etc. I should also point out that it won't cost the host house anything! All will be explained when you contact me.
It really is that simple. Steve Lawson (solobasssteve), has recently toured the US, organising many of his house concerts through twitter whilst en route!

So contact me, in whatever format you prefer....
Give it a try and be the envy of your friends!

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