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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Stories Behind the Music - Robin Hill on Reverbnation

Many, but not all, of the pieces featured in the new player, found in the sidebar, have been discussed here before on this blog.
But I thought it might be nice for new readers and followers to access the background information to these pieces, and have the opportunity to listen whilst they learn about some of the history of Robin and his music.

So to make life easy for you I have put all the links together in this post today.
So here goes.

Track 1: Eternal Dance.

Eternal Dance has been discussed many times here as it is a powerful piece of music. To learn more about the concerto version, as found on 'Virtuoso', visit. 'Arrival on iTunes and Eternal Dance - Robin Hill'.

For the quartet version, found on, 'Eklectica', then try this page, 'Robin Hill and Eklectica Play 'Eternal Dance'.

Track 2: Hispanic Dance.

One of the posts relating to 'Hispanic Dance' gives details of the composer, Claude Bolling, and more information about the four members of 'Eklectica', alongside details of the seven movements featured in the concerto, of which Hispanic Dance is the first. 'Robin Hill Plays Claude Bolling's 'Concerto for Classic Guitar and Jazz Piano Trio'.

Track 3: Bach Invention No 8.

Bach invention was first mentioned, very briefly, here, and in a bit more detail with this post, 'Robin Hill and Peter Wiltschinsky 'Arrival'.
I must say, that the Bach, along with track 8 on Arrival, Felix Mendelssohn's 'Song Without Words No1 Op62', are two of my duo favourites.

Track 4: Fiesta de Xabia.

I should point out that no bulls were hurt during the inspiration for this piece. To understand how Fiesta de Xabia was conceived then read, 'Fiesta de Xabia' by Robin Hill - Guitar'.
As yet, this piece is not available to buy, but one of the advantages of reading a blog such as this one is that you get little taster of things to come!

Track 5: Tarantella - Suite Italiana.

Suite Italiana was composed especially for the Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo, which you can read about here.
This honour came about after Mario Gangi heard the duo performing one of his pieces, 'Suite Spagnola', which you can read about on the post, 'Track 4 - 'Arrival' - Mario Gangi'.

Track 6: Wheatfield Under Troubled Skies.

This is an orchestral composition by Robin and you may be surprised to hear there isn't a guitar in it!
It's a beautiful piece of music and there are more details on the post, 'World Premiere - 'Wheatfield under Troubled Skies' - Robin Hill'.

Track 7: Palace of the King.

Now for something completely different, and one that really does highlight the unusual twists and turns that a career in music can take.
This is true Rock 'n' Roll with some of the world's best. Read this, 'Deep Purple Haze Days'.

Track 8: Wizard of Waukesha.

This is one of Robin's bands, Hooper, and yes, the man in the picture with very long hair, and playing a Les Paul guitar, is Robin....take a look here.

Track 9: Fast Forward.

This song has been around for many years, and is another example of Robin on electric guitar, playing one of his own compositions. To find out more about Robin's band, 'Hooper', (which, incidentally, includes two BBC Philharmonic Orchestra players!) read, 'Robin Hill and Travis Bean...Rewind to Fast Forward.'

Track 10: Caprice No 7 - Legnani.

Another example of a track not yet available to buy, but our gift to you. Learn more about Legnani here.


Track 11: Celebration.

'Celebration' is a song performed by another band Robin has been involved in. They made an incredible sound and had a phenomenal brass section. Check them out at, 'Force Ten To Be Reckoned With'.

So there we are.
A little bit of history attached to all the tracks currently in the player.
I can, and will, be adding new pieces from time to time, so be sure to keep checking!
Just follow the link and then 'click' on the desired track in the player.

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