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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the Revolving Stage

Usually, at some point in the day, I have a look at my favourite sites and catch up with other's thoughts.
Yesterday, like most days, I read 'Kenneth Woods - a view from the podium', and his latest post, 'Chamber Music Thoughts in the Ischian sun'.

In it he mentions talking to friends who have been invited to perform in a nudist colony, clothing being optional for performers.
This prompted a thought pattern.
How far would Robin go?
Would he dis-robe to take his music to the people?
So, I asked him.
I can't possibly put in print his response.
I should point out that I did present the question as if an actual enquiry had been made. This may have been cruel, but, it was also rather amusing.
However, I can relay a story that Robin told me, after he'd seen the funny side of the situation.

Apparently, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli were once asked to perform at a private function.
They were told that it was a very 'posh' affair, and that all the audience were naturists.
The proviso for receiving the extremely good fee for the job, was that they also had to play naked.
Once at the venue, they found that the host was indeed very affluent, and had provided a platform with curtains and a revolving stage for the occasion. (They entered the large room from the rear).
Reinhardt, Grappelli, and the other two musicians, removed their clothing, and prepared for the stage to rotate, bracing themselves to meet their audience.
As the stage came to a standstill, the pair found that the audience were in fact fully clothed, and they were the only 'naturists' there....

The moral of the story I suppose has to be, that you should always read the small print in your contracts, and when 'unusual' requests are made, be sure to ask a lot of questions.


Anonymous said...

[mouth hangs wide open in shock]

Anna said...

Yes, it is rather shocking! I wish I knew more of their reaction...
Thanks for the comment.