'As always, it was sheer pleasure to observe Robin Hill's remarkable fluent technique: everything looks easy when he plays it.' Colin Cooper- Classical Guitar Magazine ----- 'Wonderful for their (Hill & Wiltschinsky) precision, touch and clarity of sound... refined virtuosity, the achievement of a long interpretive process.' Il Giornale D'Italia (Rome) ----- 'I loved your CD and thought your technique and performance were fabulous...' Rick Wakeman

Friday, November 30, 2007

Robin Hill Plays Romanza

Romanza is a traditional piece of music, and the composer is unknown, but it is one of the most famous of all guitar solos, and loved by audiences everywhere.
It was used in the film, 'Jeux Interdits' (1952), which means 'Forbidden Games', which went on to receive many awards and the music was described as, "haunting score that will be with you forever".

The film is about two French children who become friends during the traumas of World War II, and is a moving and emotional tale of their experiences.
According to Brigitte Fossey who played the little girl, 'Paulette', the film was originally made as a short, and then later extended to a feature length film.
Unfortunately, in the meantime, she had lost her milk teeth, and, Georges Poujouly, who plays the boy Michel, had had his hair cut for another role, so in many of the scenes Paulette has false teeth and Michel is wearing a wig!

In Robin's arrangement of this well known classic, 'Romanza', track 13, starts with a short improvised introduction before playing the melody on the second string and not the first which is more usual. This slight reworking, he felt, made the music more expressive.

I'm bracing myself for a busy weekend.
Robin is playing at three different private functions, son number one has a sleepover party at a friends house, and son number two also has a party...
My role - to make sure they are all in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, (we don't want Robin arriving to play with a sleeping bag, and son trying to sleep in a guitar case), feed, water, and hold all their hands when we arrive at Sunday evening with three exhausted males in the house.......

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