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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Notes on a Recorder to Notes on a Scandal

Robin has been consumed by composition.
Not for the guitar, or, the piano.
Not for a band or electric guitar.
But for the recorder.

Son number one innocently remarked that he may like to play 'Over the Sea to Skye', in the school concert, with his friend.
"I'll do an arrangement for you then", was Robin's reply.

Two hours later we had a fantastic arrangement, and a 'Von Trapp' family moment, as we played through the piece.
As we only had one descant recorder in the house I had to dig out my old tenor recorder and we were then able to play through the piece.

Robin wasn't satisfied so off he went again to make some alterations.
By the time he reappeared the piece had now gained triangle and sleigh bells....
Son number one was beginning to look very worried.

Who knows what the outcome will be...

Meanwhile, while Robin went back to his music, I read an interesting and detailed account of the Joyce Hatto fiasco, by Mark Singer.
You can read Singer's, 'Notes on a scandal' here.


Anonymous said...

I can see it now - Fantasy on Over the Sea to Skye for Recorder solo, guitar and orchestra

Anna said...

That's pretty much what the 'little' arrangement has turned into!
I'm not sure how son number one will cope with that - he's only 10...
That's the problem with having a musician for a Dad - expectations are high!!!